Seeing to ease the struggle of inspiration common among artists.

For her senior thesis, Cris is creating a product to ease the angst some artists experience while struggling with “Artist’s Block”; a device through which Artists will be able to decompress and get inspiration as well as understand and cope with feelings related to the inability to create.

Unlock is a project derived from personal experience, the struggles of art block can make anyone feel like they are incapable of making art, resulting in an endless spiral of self doubt and sleepless nights. The exhaustion that comes from the process of trying to do better, incessant attempts at creating something to be proud of, but not being able to do so. Innumerable pieces of art that have begun as an exciting project, yet become unbearable to look at, and therefore put aside and dismissed.
Unlock is developed as a sensory box in which the artist will place a smart-phone or tablet, and put it over their head. The box will allow the artist to “disconnect” from all the other senses, and focus solely on the image and sound inside the box. During the five minutes of the sensory experience, the artist will be able to access his/her subconscious and unlock a piece of the brain which seemed to have gotten lost.
Alongside the box, the artist will find an “Experience Tracker”, to keep record of all the sensory experiences, as well as a sketchpad.

You are an artist, you can do anything you can imagine, and you are good enough. As an artist you must never stop creating, no matter what, it is in the process that you will find inspiration. Do whatever it takes.