Post-Neo Making

Their thesis stresses the importance of making work rather than sticking to art making paradigms, namely that analogue processes hold privilege over digital mediums.

A common misbelief is that machine made goods are cheap and bad while hand-made things are oh-so divine. Post-Neo Making is a way of thinking about work that disregards this rabbit-hole argument and instead considers the relationship between a creator and their process. The strength of this connection is actually what determines the quality of a work, not a creator’s specific choice of tools. I mean. You wouldn’t go to a veterinarian to do your taxes, right? Below are explorations of these relationships.
Making Friends

In this study, I went to a popular dock in the hopes of finding a photographer to talk to another person about their work. I came across a man that was funny enough, taking a photo of the same bird as I was.  He was happy to tell me all about the wildlife he was shooting, as well as the history of the area. I used a photo that I took that day to capture the nature of his connection with photography in this illustration.
Clicked Off

A vintage computer was the object of interest for this study. The goal was to make two images of the same computer; one made traditionally, and the other digitally. Both projects were in fact equally tedious. These processes were simply different ways for me to relate to my work.
Very Cool Activity Book

If you’re interested in exploring your ways of making things but don’t know where to start, you can download this PDF Activity Book. It includes black and white versions of the illustrations on this page and a friendly note. (Link to download activity booklet.)
What is your relationship with your work?

How do you relate to your work? What is your favorite thing to make? Share your answers in a post with #postneomaking for the chance to be part of the Very Cool Activity Book.