Maja Carlyle

The Bright Side

Using design to create a positive outlook towards climate change.

The Bright Side is an attempt to use design as a means to change viewers’ perspectives towards a situation typically regardedas negative or hopeless. Climate change is a topic that is heavily shrouded infear, worry and blame. Due to this, many people feel discouraged to make any effortto fight back or adapt to the changing circumstances. To address this, The Bright Side uses bold, bright colorsand stimulating imagery to excite the viewer and highlight the positive effortsbeing pursued daily to fight such a daunting topic. The project hopes toinspire the viewer to make positive changes in their own life, feeling hopefulthat they are capable of making change.

A main feature of The Bright Side’s branding is using avisually modified heat signature, an element typically associated withscientific inquiry and the warming climate. The goal is to take something withstale and negative connotations and repurpose it into something positive andintriguing.