Riley kirk


Uncovering the reality behind the profitable, trendy wellness industry and the dangers it holds to consumers.

Riley’s thesis, Detox, aims to uncover the reality of the profitable, trendy wellness industry and the dangers it holds. Many of these “wellness” products are sold specifically to those who have chronic illnesses without any known treatments. As a result, patients often turn to less credible sources for help, putting their health and safety at risk. While organic products are not always harmful, many of them have unknown side effects if used incorrectly, which cause serious health issues for those already struggling. These issues pose a danger to both physical and mental health.  By creating honest, subliminal packaging and advertising for products such as essential oils and vitamins, Detox highlights the dangerous side effects and lack of credible testing involved in the wellness industry.

These three posters include information on the dangers of products from the wellness industry while incorporating imagery traditionally seen in beauty and wellness advertisements. All of the illustrations use unnatural colors and harsh shading as a twist on these familiar images.

I created packaging for three types of essential oil that are commonly used but dangerous. They display all of the side effects of each oil, but use sleek and modern packaging to disguise this message. Rather than creating new types of essential oils, I decided to use preexisting oils in order for my packaging to be a more honest take on what you would see in a store.

While many commonly used crystals, such as rose quartz, are harmless, many are not. This poster is meant to be a basic guide for those who are interested in using crystals but aren't completely informed on which ones you should not use.