Sydney Dworsky

Five Sisters

Five Sisters Apothecary Co. is a company that has brewed a special tonic elixir that supplies its consumers with the dopamine typically received through indulging in social media.

In our modern day lives, it seems almost impossible to live without the use of social media. As a society, we are categorically obsessed with it. When someone sees their phone illuminated with that wonderful alert, they get a rush of dopamine that signals pleasure to the brain which elicits positive reinforcement towards social media use. The problem becomes time, and the wasting of our time that is encouraged through social media. With Five Sisters Apothecary Co.’s tonic elixir, you are able to experience your life again without any of the online distractions. Through the creation of this elixir and the original Five Sisters branding, I have explored how design, using imagery and color can subconsciously elicit happiness in people.